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Uses of Percocet

1- Pain Management: The main purpose of Percocet is to treat pain, including pain from dental procedures, injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain problems like arthritis.

2- Postoperative Pain: Percocet may be prescribed to treat pain during the recovery phase following surgery.

3- Trauma and Injury: It can ease the pain associated with fractures, traumatic injuries, and accidents.

4- Dental Procedures: Following tooth extractions, root canals, or other dental surgeries, dentists may recommend Percocet to patients in order to reduce discomfort.

5- Chronic Pain: When other pain management options have failed, Percocet may occasionally be prescribed for patients with chronic pain problems, such as fibromyalgia or excruciating back pain.

6- Cancer Pain: Severe pain brought on by cancer or cancer treatments can also be managed with it.

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